Stamped Concrete is concrete that has a decorative impression stamped into the surface. This occurs when concrete is poured for a driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck, or entranceway, then before the concrete hardens, a lasting impression is stamped into the surface using rubber mat tools with a texture. The stamps are pressed into place with a tamper and rotated successively across the slab. Colors are applied either integrally with pigments added to the cement, or cast on the surface with color hardeners. An antiquing release agent (powder or liquid) is used to keep the tools from sticking to the concrete and also leaving the surface with a more defined look, including a noticable color contrast. This is all done before the concrete is fully hardened. Stamped concrete offers many authentic pattern choices such as slate, stone cobblestone, random and also wood plank patterns. Stamped concrete is always protected with a sealer to ensure years of beauty and service; non-skid additives can be added to help with skid resistance.

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Micro-Topping is a two-part cementitious material that will bond vigorously to virtually any substrate, floor or wall, including concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, old tiles and plastic. Micro-Topping is a combination of a liquid polymer and two different cementitious powder mixtures, the base coat and the fine finish coat for where a smooth surface is desired. The material can be applied with a steel trowel onto the surface to a thickness of between 1mm and 4mm. A wide range of colours can be integrated into the mix or applied post application. The aesthetic possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

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Exposed aggregate is a type of concrete finish where a type of aggregate is changed to meet the desired finish. It is a great alternative to traditional concrete for a variety of reasons.

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Grasscrete is made by pouring concrete over "Formers", a tool or mold that leaves voids in the concrete, that once opened can be filled with a variety of porous materials such as grass or gravel.

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Our product also include: Pandomo Terrazzo, Pandomo Wall, Pandomo Terrazzo Micro, Overlayment, Concrete furniture. Contact us for any specific product or custom job.

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