A premium quality, single component, polymer-modified, cement-based slurry for bonding new concrete and overlays to existing concrete slabs. It is also known as rustic microcement when used as a finish. Azalea Microbase is always used before the application of Azalea Microfino and Azalea Microdeck.


A high abrasion resistance, single component, polymer modified cementitious micro topping that may be applied by trowel, brush, roll, squeegee, or spray gun on a variety of surfaces. Designed to give the look of fine troweled colored concrete finish.


is particularly suitable for high traffic flooring, but is often also applied to stairs, shower trays, basins, worktops and walls. Azalea Microdeck gives rooms a very natural and elegant look. Its texture is medium grain. This makes the water effect in the finish more subtle than with Azalea Microfino.


A colored, silica-based, dry shake color hardener for freshly poured concrete surfaces, formulated specifically for stamped concrete and decorative colored concrete applications.

Release agent

A powdered, colored bond breaker designed to prevent the adhesion of freshly poured concrete to texturing tools and to give stamped concrete surfaces an antique mottled color effect.