An innovative solution that combines the aesthetic qualities of concrete with the modern requirements of a smart and green space. Microtopping concrete wall is deal for modern, minimalist spaces yet bring discreet sophistication with classic, rustic or antique finishes to existing property.

Traditionally terrazzo has always been an excellent choice for a beautiful and durable floor finish, yet today terrazzo design is adding an appealing alternative to wall coverings, it offers a wide range of aesthetic options and alternative to stone and marble, less costly, stylish and eye-arching, with many looks and colors, terrazzo wall and floor décor is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Overlayment technique maintains the practicality of concrete but transforms it into an attractive surface that can replicate the beauty of natural stone, rock, ceramic and even wood.

Exposed aggregate works well for vertical applications, such as architectural building facades, decorative retaining walls, and sound barrier walls. You have an endless stream of choices waiting for you with this decorative concrete from patterns, colors, materials and textures, with exposed aggregate wall you can get the best of both worlds: durable walling with a stunning finish.

For creating ironic combinations, a guide for those who want to bring the unique aesthetics of modern architecture to their living spaces. Wall panels are concrete’s barest form, each panel has been cast from real concrete to ensure a realistic texture, suitable for every space from home decoration to stores, carrying the natural surface perception in their spirit.

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